United Methodist Church, Foley, Alabama


Special October Events

  • On October 6 we will once again sell freshly picked Fugi apples. The sale will be from nine to noon in the Spirit Center.
  • Mark your calendar for October 19th Laity Sunday.  There will be a combined service in the Sanctuary at 10:30 a.m.  Dawn Hare will deliver our message.
  • Mark your calendar for October 26th which will be our Emmaus Sunday.  The FUMC Emmaus group will be servants for Christ and lead the contemporary and Traditional services on that Sunday.


Sharing Our Blessings

Foley UMC is proud to announce we will be having our first “Sharing Our Blessings,” on Saturday November 8, 2014.  The event will be held in the Spirit Center from 7:00 AM – Noon.  This will be a FREE GARAGE SALE, meaning we will be giving everything away.  There will be more details to come, so mark your calendars!

We will be holding a health fair on Saturday November 15th.  The event will be located in the Spirit Center from 9am-Noon.  Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.

Pastor Trish Bruner

is now
Dr. Trish Bruner

Dr Trish Bruner

Doctor Trish Bruner with her Doctor of Ministry diploma

welcomes you to Foley United Methodist Church with wide open arms and a kind and caring manner. Dr. Trish wants you to know that she is available to you as a pastor and a friend. Dr. Trish has been excited to dive into the many opportunities to serve God and His people in the Foley Alabama area.  She invites you to be a part of Foley United Methodist Church‘s continued growth.  Call Dr. Trish anytime:

Church Office: 251-943-4393 Pastors Phone: 334-507-3311

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