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What is Arise?

Arise is the name we have given to a two-year initiative (2018-2019) at Foley United Methodist Church. Arise is our first step in turning our church into a healthy church. We are Reaching Up, Reaching In, and Reaching Out to be all that God would have us to be.

Arise is a call to serve others with our time, talent, and treasure.

Arise is a theme in Scripture. It is mentioned around 600 times in the Old Testament when God is calling people forward to something in common. It occurs about 150 times in the New Testament, often when Jesus is healing someone.

Arise is a posture, an attitude, and a mindset of forward thinking and action. We are reminding that many times in Scripture, God called people to "Arise and ____." Arise and do something else! We are arising to answer God's call to do something else!

We are excited to Arise and Try! At Foley UMC, Arise and Try is an opportunity to serve in one of our areas of ministry (KidsQuest, Greeter Team, Prayer Team, Fish Fry Team, Choir, etc.) for three months. Try it! See if it is where God is calling you to serve. If not, Arise and Try something else. We want you to be where God wants you! These are exciting days at Foley UMC as we seek to be a healthy church through service.

Come join Foley UMC as we ARISE together! We want YOU to be a part!